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This collection is packed with 100 cookbooks, each containing tens, hundreds, and a few have thousands of recipes. There is something here for every cook. With well over 30,000 full recipes you are sure to find a recipe that will bring out the culinary master in you. The cookbook collection is delivered as a zip file. The cookbooks are all in PDF format so you can print your favorites and keep them handy if you desire. The zip file is available for download immediately after payment is confirmed.

Below is a sample of the cookbooks contained in this collection. The number beside the name is the number of recipes contained in that cookbook.

Barbecue- 179
Beef- 915
Bread- 1561
Burger- 274
Cajun- 106
Chili-432 That’s right! 432 chili recipes

Below you will find one of the 432 chili recipes from the chili cookbook. The recipes in all the books are laid out similarly, making them easy to follow.

Chili recipe



Plus many, many, many more. These 100 Cookbooks are a chefs dream. You’ll NEVER get bored with trying the recipes you’ll find in these cookbooks. Get your copy today! Once your order is placed and payment is confirmed you will receive a download link to download the file to your computer.

100 Cookbooks


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