Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup 4 oz – 6 pk



Package includes 6 bottles of our Queen Ann’s Lace infused syrup in the 4 oz size.

Introducing our Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup

Indulge your senses in the delicate and enchanting flavors of Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup. Crafted with utmost care, this exquisite syrup is a celebration of nature’s bounties. Embrace the allure of this all-natural elixir that transcends ordinary sweetness and takes your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Note* – This product was produced in a private residence that is exempt from state licensing and inspection. This product may contain allergens.
Reg. # 104010481

This product is produced under the Arkansas Food Freedom Act 0f 2021.

The Story Behind Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup
Step back in time and discover the captivating history of Queen Ann’s Lace, a cherished edible wild plant. Passed down through generations, this intriguing botanical has graced both herbal remedies and culinary traditions. At our core, we honor the wisdom of the past by thoughtfully sourcing Queen Ann’s Lace and infusing its essence into every bottle of our syrup.

Key Features and Ingredients
At the heart of Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup lies its namesake – the ethereal and fragrant Queen Ann’s Lace. Sustainably gathered and carefully processed, we combine this floral treasure with pure, organic cane sugar or golden honey, ensuring an unparalleled taste that’s both delightful and authentic. No artificial additives or preservatives are used, making this syrup a truly natural masterpiece.

Flavor Profile and Culinary Uses
Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup presents a symphony of flavors on your palate. Experience the light, floral notes dancing harmoniously with a hint of sweetness, reminiscent of a sun-kissed meadow in full bloom. The versatility of this syrup knows no bounds – drizzle it over fluffy pancakes, infuse your favorite teas or lemonades with its magic, or elevate desserts with a touch of floral finesse. Discover the art of culinary enchantment with every drop.

Health Benefits and Wellness
Beyond its enticing taste, Queen Ann’s Lace carries a rich history of traditional medicinal uses. Though we don’t make health claims, it’s comforting to know that our syrup is free from any artificial or harmful ingredients. Our commitment to using pure and natural components ensures you can savor its sweetness with peace of mind.

Quality Assurance and Sustainable Practices
Our passion for perfection drives our stringent quality control measures, ensuring every batch of Queen Ann’s Lace Syrup meets the highest standards of taste and purity. Moreover, we believe in giving back to nature and adhering to sustainable practices in both sourcing and manufacturing. Our syrup embodies not only excellence but also environmental responsibility.

Tips for Storage and Shelf Life
To preserve its authentic taste, store the syrup in a cool, dark place. With a generous shelf life, you can savor the magic of Queen Ann’s Lace infused goodness for months to come. We recommend you refrigerate after opening and use any remaining syrup within 2 weeks.

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Queen Ann’s Lace Infused Syrup 4 oz – 6 pk


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